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FRE 485H1S
Teaching Young People's Literature


An analysis of bibliographical tools available for the selection of literary materials for the FSL classroom. Study of representative works of interest to young people such as novels, detective stories, cartoons, with special emphasis on socio-cultural aspects. Critical analysis of various pedagogical approaches useful for the Experiential Learning component: each student will participate in a school internship and will be required to write a report on his or her experience.

Required text: Léon, La littérature de jeunesse à l’école, pourquoi ? comment ?.

Assignments and evaluation: In-class tests (50-60%); assignments (30-40%); overall assessment (10%).

The Department takes into account the quality of students' French as one of the criteria in the evaluation of assignments and examinations. A minimum of 20% of the grade will be allocated to this aspect of written assignments.

Prerequisite: FRE 384H1

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Revue Arborescences

Considérant que rien de ce qui touche la langue française ne lui est étranger, la revue Arborescences se veut un espace de réflexion sur les enjeux actuels des études françaises aussi bien en littérature, en linguistique qu’en didactique.

History of the Department

165 years of French Studies at the University of Toronto (1853-2018)


Estimant que rien de ce qui touche la langue française ne lui est étranger, la revue électronique Arborescences veut offrir un espace de réflexion sur des questions d’importance en études françaises, relevant aussi bien de la didactique que de la lit