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French Literature Courses (FRE)

Literature (FRE): 200-level mandatory courses introduce students to concepts, methodologies, and critical tools elaborated vis-à-vis further literature and theory and that serve as the framework for other literature courses dedicated to the history of French literature and its cultural and social contexts. 300-level courses encourage students to explore sophisticated primary and secondary sources from disciplinary and interdisciplinary perspectives. 400-level courses initiate students to research. The actual content of most 400-level courses varies considerably according to the instructor. Students should consult the French Studies Undergraduate brochure ( for content specific to a given year.

CDN 202H1FAspects of Quebec Culture
FRE 210H1SIntroduction to Quebec Literature and Culture
FRE 245H1FIntroduction to French Cultural & Literary Studies
FRE 246H1SIntroduction to French Literary Analysis
FRE 304H1FContemporary French Women's Prose Fiction
FRE 314H1FQuebec and French-Canadian Literature
FRE 318H1SMedieval French Literature
FRE 319H1SLaughter and Thought in French Renaissance Literature
FRE 320H1FFrench Literature of Classicism and Enlightenment
FRE 326H1SContemporary French Literature
FRE 344H1FLiterary Theory
FRE 345H1FLiterary Genres
FRE 441H1FAdvanced Topics in French Literature: The Writings of New France
FRE 443H1FAdvanced Topics: Authors - Baudelaire
FRE 446H1SAdvanced Studies in Literary Theory: Anthropology and Literature


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Revue Arborescences

Considérant que rien de ce qui touche la langue française ne lui est étranger, la revue Arborescences se veut un espace de réflexion sur les enjeux actuels des études françaises aussi bien en littérature, en linguistique qu’en didactique.


Estimant que rien de ce qui touche la langue française ne lui est étranger, la revue électronique Arborescences veut offrir un espace de réflexion sur des questions d’importance en études françaises, relevant aussi bien de la didactique que de la lit

History of the Department

165 years of French Studies at the University of Toronto (1853-2018)