Courses Taught in English

College Courses, FCS and JFG courses are taught in English with reading and written assignments in English. No knowledge of French is required. However, students can count these courses with the exception of FCS195H1 towards a program in French (Major or Specialist ONLY) if they submit all written work and tests in French. These students must, during the first week of class, inform their instructor of their intent to do so and ask their instructor to fill the Request for Credit towards a Specialist or Major Program in French which is handed in to the Department at the same time as the final marks.



CDN 202H1F

Aspects of Quebec Culture

FCS 195H1S

French Culture: From Napoleon to Asterix

First Year Foundation (FYF)
FCS196H1S Exploring Linguistic Variation in Spoken French
FCS197H1S Pleasure, Pain and Nostalgia in Belle Époque
FCS198H1F Dreaming of Future Worlds: The Making of Modernity in 19th-Century France
FCS199H1F Francophone Indigenous Voices from Quebec (Not offered in 2019-2020)

FCS 292H1S

Special Topics in French Cultural Studies I:Love, Sex and Desire in French Literature and Cinema

FCS391H1F Special Topic in French Cultural Studies II: Quebec Cinema. National Identity and Otherness. The Case of Québec Cinema