Introductory Courses

Code Title

FSL 100H1 F/S

French for Beginners

FSL 102H1S

Introductory French

FSL 121Y1Y

French Language I

FSL 221Y1Y

French Language II

FSL 271H1F

French Grammar, within Reason (Not offered in 2020-21)

FRE 210H1S

Introduction to Quebec Literature and Culture

FRE 245H1F

Introduction to French Cultural & Literary Studies

FRE 246H1S

Introduction to French Literary Analysis

FRE 272H1F

The French Language: A Linguistic Introduction

FRE 273H1S

Introduction to the General History of the French Language

FRE 274H1S

Introduction to the Linguistic Analysis of French

FCS 195H1S

French Culture: From Napoleon to Asterix (Not offered in 2020-21)

First Year Foundation
FCS196H1S FYF: Exploring Linguistic Variation in Spoken French
FCS197H1S FYF: Pleasure, Pain and Nostalgia in Belle Époque
FCS198H1F FYF: Dreaming of Future Worlds: The Making of Modernity in 19th-Century France (Not offered in 2020-21)
FCS199H1F FYF: Francophone Indigenous Voices from Quebec (Not offered in 2020-21)