French Literature Courses (FRE)

Literature (FRE):

200-level mandatory courses introduce students to concepts, methodologies, and critical tools elaborated vis-à-vis further literature and theory and that serve as the framework for other literature courses dedicated to the history of French literature and its cultural and social contexts. 300-level courses encourage students to explore sophisticated primary and secondary sources from disciplinary and interdisciplinary perspectives. 400-level courses initiate students to research. The actual content of most 400-level courses varies considerably according to the instructor. Students should consult the French Studies Undergraduate brochure for content specific to a given year.

The Department takes into account the quality of students' French as one of the criteria in the evaluation of assignments and examinations. A minimum of 20% of the grade will be allocated to this aspect of written assignments.

Code Title

FRE 210H1S

Introduction to Quebec Literature and Culture

FRE 245H1F

Introduction to French Cultural & Literary Studies

FRE 246H1S

Introduction to French Literary Analysis

FRE 304H1F

Contemporary French Women's Prose Fiction

FRE 310H1S Relations between Text and Other Media

FRE 314H1F

Quebec and French-Canadian Literature

FRE 318H1S Medieval French Literature 

FRE 319H1

Laughter and Thought in French Renaissance Literature (French Literature during Reformation)  (Not offered in 2020-2021)

FRE 320H1F

French Literature of Classicism and Enlightenment

FRE 324H1 French Literature in the Time of Revolutions and Industrialization  (Not offered in 2020-2021)
FRE 326H1S Contemporary French Literature 
FRE 332H1S Francophone Literatures 
FRE334H1 Francophone Cinema  (Not offered in 2020-2021)
FRE 336H1 Postcolonialism : Francophone Literatures  (Not offered in 2020-2021)

FRE 344H1

Literary Theory  (Not offered in 2020-2021)

FRE 345H1F

Literary Genres 

FRE410H1 Advanced Topics in Quebec Literature  (Not offered in 2020-2021)

FRE 438H1F

Advanced Topics in Francophone Literatures 

FRE 441H1

Advanced Topics in French Literature: The Writings of New France  (Not offered in 2020-2021)

FRE 443H1S

Advanced Topics: Annie Ernaux

FRE 446H1 Advanced Studies in Literary Theory: