JRL 1111H-S

Second Language Acquisition of Romance Phonology


Tuesday 1-3


Jeffrey Steele / Laura Colantoni


Northrop Frye Hall




This course provides an in-depth introduction to the acquisition of second language phonology by learners of Romance languages with particular attention paid to the acquisition of French and Spanish. Students will become familiar with the major research topics in the field including the nature of cross-linguistic influence; patterns of non-native speaker perception and parsing of auditory, visual and orthographic input; phonetic and phonological constraints on development; explanations for non-native attainment (i.e. foreign accent); and the effects of training and formal instruction on acquisition. The course will also introduce students to the major theories of non-native speech perception, production and phonological acquisition as well as the experimental paradigms most often used in laboratory and classroom research.


Colantoni, L., Steele, J., & Escudero, P. (2015). Second language speech: Theory and practice. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Other readings

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Required assignments:

Article presentation and evaluation (Oral: 20%; Written: 10%); Project (Proposal: 15%; In-class presentation: 25%; Term paper: 30%).