FRE 488H1

Special Topics in Advanced Linguistics I: Language Contact


L. Kastronic


This course will examine language contact, including both causes and outcomes, with a focus on global varieties of French. Some of the questions that will be examined include: What are the possible outcomes of language contact? How does one language influence the structure, words, and sounds of another language? Which features of the language are more likely than others to change due to contact? What methodological approaches can we use to investigate and assess contact-induced change? 

Required readings:

Articles and book chapters distributed by instructor via the course website.

Assignments and evaluation:

Oral presentation (20%); Research project (65%: Part 1 15%; Part 2 20%; Part 3 30%); Participation (15% online discussion board and in-class).

The Department takes into account the quality of students' French as one of the criteria in the evaluation of assignments and examinations. A minimum of 20% of the grade will be allocated to this aspect of written assignments.


Varies according to particular course offering; consult the French Studies Undergraduate brochure ( for exact prerequisites..