FRE1002H (Not offered in 20-21)

Advanced Oral and Written French for Academic purposes

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This advanced language course is intended for graduate students in the French department whose written and spoken French is adequate for general purposes but requires further development for graduate studies including mastery of domain-specific vocabulary, idiomatic style and the particulars of spoken and written French.

By the end of this course, the students will be able to: a) use language flexibly and effectively for academic purposes; b) produce a variety of written documents (such as summaries, essays, reports, proposals) and perform orally at the academic level (presentations, teaching demonstrations); c) effectively self-correct in both writing and speaking; d) master discipline-specific vocabulary.


PLEASE NOTE: This half-course is for non-francophone students only. It is offered every second Wednesday from 2 to 5 (3 hours), from September to April.