French Department Courses

The upcoming course offerings and schedule can be found via the Timetable Builder. In Step 1, choose "Faculty of Arts & Science" and the relevant semester(s). In Step 2, under "Department/Subject Area" select "Department of French" and then click the "Search" button.

Brief descriptions of our courses in French Cultural Studies, Language, Linguistics & Second Language Learning, and Literature can be found in the French section of the Academic Calendar.

The syllabi from previous years provide more detailed information:


The specific descriptions of the upcoming Advance Topics and Special Topics courses are found here:

FRE 486 H1 Special Topics in French Linguistics

FRE 487H1 Advanced Topic in Bilingualism and L2 Acquisition

FRE 488H1 Special Topics in Advanced Linguistics I

FRE 489H1 Special Topics in Advanced Linguistics II

Research & Independent courses are found here:

Research Opportunity Program

Research Excursions

Independent Study

Senior Essay