Transfer Credits

French Linguistics and Literature Courses (FRE)

Transfer credits for studies in areas other than language may be requested directly upon return through the Office of the Faculty Registrar and will be processed in the normal way. It is recommended that a Letter of Permission be requested through the Office of the Faculty Registrar well in advance of departure from Toronto. Students are reminded that only courses taken at accredited universities or degree-granting institutions will be considered for credit.

French as a Second Language Courses (FSL)

Students may apply for transfer credits, through the Office of the Faculty Registrar, for language courses taken at any accredited or degree-granting university in Canada or abroad. In order to be recommended for transfer credits, students should arrange, before returning to Toronto, for the other university to send an official transcript of their results directly to the address indicated on their Letter of Permission (if they have one) or to the Office of the Faculty Registrar.

As soon as possible after completion of the course and before enrolling in any FSL or FRE courses, students must take a placement test at the Department of French. In order to receive a transfer credit, students must qualify for entry into the next language course above the level of the one for which they desire credit. Students must enroll in the course recommended by the placement test results. Therefore, students who enroll in a course before taking the placement test, do so at their own risk. Students should call 416-926-2302 or write to French Secretary to book an appointment for writing the test at the Department of French.

Students may request credit for any level of language studies offered by the Department of French, subject to the general rules for eligibility.