Student Groups & Activities

Academic and Cultural Activities

Throughout the year, the French Department organizes and sponsors many special lectures and conferences, as well as cultural and social activities. They are advertised on our events calendar.

French Course Union

The French Course Union elects student representatives to the General Meetings of the Department, as well as to certain of its standing committees. It also coordinates course evaluations and organizes social, cultural and academic activities. Information about the French Course Union may be obtained through ASSU, Room 1068, Sidney Smith Hall, 100 St. George Street (416-978‑4903).

Koffler Student Services Centre

Students will find at the Koffler Student Services Centre a large variety of services and programs, which aim to build the confidence and skills necessary for students to succeed in their personal, academic and professional lives.  Student Services offers support and counselling in the areas of career development, housing, learning skills, health, personal development and family. The Centre is located at 214 College Street.

Table Française

The Department organizes a weekly conversation group held during the Fall and Winter terms in the Kelly Cafe at the John Kelly Library, St. Michael's College and New College. During the fall and winter terms, check our events calendar to learn more about Table Française.