Student Services and Programs at the University of Toronto

Your college registrar is your "reliable first stop" where you can get information, advice, or a direct referral. They provide broad, integrated advising on personal, financial, family, or career issues. They also conduct academic advising, especially on issues that go beyond a particular course. The colleges also advise on petitions and other rule-related matters. Their staff are also specialists in providing referrals to, and follow-up from, specialized U of T student services. Please find your college registrar’s contact information

If you have questions or concerns or are facing issues that are getting in the way of your success, visit Academic Advising and Support.

Financial counselling is available through your Faculty, College, Division or Enrolment Services or through other resources available on the Tuition, Scholarship and Financial Aid web site. Counsellors can help you navigate the array of government and University of Toronto programs, scholarships and bursaries available to you. They can also help with budget planning and debt management.

Specialized U of T Student Life programs and services  provide professional support for students in a variety of areas.

The English Learning Programsupports all U of T undergraduates enrolled in the Faculty of Arts and Science whose first language is not English (ESL or multilingual students), as well as native speakers seeking to improve their English language skills.