Undergraduate Program

Welcome to the Department of French ! The University of Toronto has offered courses and degrees in French since 1853 — over 150 years! Over the years the Department of French has offered internationally recognized courses and programs of the very highest quality, enabling graduates to find jobs at institutions in Canada, North America, and Asia.

French Studies at the University of Toronto provide varied and flexible approaches to one of the world’s major international languages and the diversity of cultures expressed in it.

French is not only one of the official languages of Canada: it is also one of the world’s major international languages. Courses in French studies provide a varied, flexible, and in-depth examination of the French language and the multitude of cultures that it serves. The skills and knowledge acquired will lay the groundwork for careers in teaching, journalism, translation, publishing, and government service as well as research in a variety of fields. In the Canadian job market, command of the French language is a definite asset. The Department offers students an integrated curriculum, which brings together courses in language, didactics, linguistics, literature, and French culture. Unless specified otherwise, the language of instruction of all courses is French.

Overview of French Programs

The Department offers three majors (French Language Learning, French Language and French Linguistics, French Language and Literature) and three minors (French Language, French Studies, Practical French). Programs in Linguistics and Literature can also be taken as specialist programs.

More information about the specific programs and courses offered by the Department of French can be found in other sections of this website.