MST 3150H

Medieval French Epic: Kings and Heroes

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LEC 0101 - In person

LEC 9101 - Online - Synchronous


Thursday 14h -16h


D. Kullmann



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An introduction to Old French Epic (or chanson de geste, one of the major narrative genres of medieval French literature). The first part of the seminar will be dedicated to the close reading and interpretation of the Chanson de Roland. A few sessions will deal with general issues, such as the questions of the origins of the genre, style, medium and performance (oral/written, improvisation/planned composition, song/reading), tradition and individual authorship, the relation to history and historiography, re-writings and the constitution of cycles. During the second half of term, participants will study and present selected further epic texts, concentrating on the representation of the relationship between kings and vassals and other political questions.

Course prerequisites :

Basic reading knowledge of Old French (normally an Old French course), or permission by instructor

Note : Cours donné en anglais. Les étudiants du Département de français peuvent soumettre tous les travaux écrits en français 

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