FCS 391H1

Special Topic in French Cultural Studies II: Quebec Cinema. National Identity and Otherness. The Case of Québec Cinema




This course will focus on the theme of identity in Québec films. The issue of national identity, a recurring theme in Québec cinema, will be contextualized and discussed in its problematic relationship to Indigenous, race, gender and sex identities. The theoretical framework includes excerpts from The Cinema of Quebec. Masters in Their Own House by Janis Pallister, Quebec National Cinema by Bill Marshall and Cinema as History by André Loiselle.

Required texts:

The following films will be viewed in class: Jutra, Claude. À tout prendre; Lepage, Robert. Nô; Dubuc, Yvan and Carole Poliquin. L'empreinte; Denis, Mathieu and Simon Lavoie. Laurentie; Robichaud, Chloé. Pays.

Assignments and evaluation:

1 Position Paper (10%);1 Take-Home Test (20%); Essay (35%); Final Test (25%); Overall Evaluation (10%).


At least 5 courses in any subject.