FRE 383H1F

Quantitative Methods for the Study of French 


E. Dunbar


An introduction to the foundations of quantitative data collection and analysis with applications to studies about French. Topics to be covered include data visualization, tabular data manipulation, descriptive statistical methods, and basic inferential statistical methods. Students will develop their ability to read published research studies and will learn by participating in and designing studies related to French and French learning (for example, vocabulary tests, grammar assessments, or listening tests). 

Required texts:

Dominic Roy and Édith de la Sablonnière, MQ, 5è édition. Modulo/Chenelière. ISBN: 9782897108144  (Available at the U of T Bookstore). 

Assignments and evaluation:

Quizzes (15%); data analysis assignments (25%); article summary (15%); project (35%); participation (10%). 


FRE 272H1