FRE 471H1F

Medieval French Language


D. Kullmann


An introduction to Old French, concentrating on the lexicon, morphology, and basic syntax. Participants will learn the most important characteristics of the system of Old French language and acquire a general reading knowledge, sufficient for understanding most medieval texts. Selected readings from 12th and 13th –century texts will be supplemented by systematic presentations. This course is listed as FRE 1164H in the Graduate Department of French listing.

Required text:

Raynaud de Lage, Guy, Introduction à l'ancien français (nouvelle édition par Geneviève Hasenohr).

Assignments and evaluation:

Two in-class tests [15% + 25%] (40 %), several small written assignments (total of 50 %), overall assessment, including participation (10 %).


FRE272H or FRE273H.