FRE 471H1F

Medieval French Language


D. Kullmann


Introduction to the basics of the French language of the Middle Ages, through a selection of extracts from original texts. We will study the morphology and syntax of Old French and have a look at the appearance of Old French in the manuscripts. The texts selected will allow students to become familiar with the different dialects as well as with the most important literary genres of the 11th, 12th, and 13th centuries. We will, however, limit ourselves to the reading of these texts, without discussing their interpretation in detail.

Required text:

Geneviève Hasenohr / Guy Raynaud de Lage, Introduction à l’ancien français, 3e éd. entièrement revue par G. Hasenohr avec la collaboration de M.-M. Huchet, Paris : Armand Colin, 2019 [ou 2e éd., Paris : SEDES, 2003].

Strongly recommended :

A.J. Greimas, Dictionnaire de l’ancien français, Paris : Larousse.

Assignments and evaluation:

Two tests (45 %), written exercises (45 %), participation (10 %).


FRE272H or FRE273H.