FRE 487H1F

Advanced Topics in Bilingualism and L2 Acquisition: Linguistic Profile of Language Learners 


S. Bello


This seminar examines the linguistic profile, attitudes, and language identity of heritage language learners and second language learners. It also provides in-depth, practical training in methodological design culminating in students’ undertaking of data collecting and experimental group work.

Required text:

E-book chapters/articles/videos distributed via Quercus.  

Assignments and evaluation:

Research project (70%: Part 1 10%; Part 2 35%; Part 3: 25%); one seminar animation (15%); overall assessment and participation (15%)


FRE376H1, FRE378H1, FRE383H1, and FRE388H1/JFG388H1 or equivalents as approved by instructor.