FRE 489H1F

Special Topics in Advanced LinguisticsII : Syntax-Phonology Interface 


F. Hamlaoui


An introduction to the study of the interface between syntax and phonology. Continuous speech is phonologically grouped into chunks that at least partly reflect the syntactic organization of utterances. What is, however, the exact nature of the relationship between phonology and syntax? Through an examination of both theoretical and experimental work, we will address questions relating to the nature of the syntactic information that is available for phonological organization. We will also examine possible segmental and supra-segmental correlates of prosodic phrasing in French and we will discuss evidence, provided by the language, that phonology can in turn influence syntax.  

Required text:

Articles available on Quercus.  

Assignments and evaluation:

One test (20%), one reading report (15%), one oral presentation (15%), one final project (40%), overall assessment and participation (10%).


FRE376H1, FRE378H1.