FRE 245H1F

Introduction to French Cultural & Literary Studies


S. Sacré


This course is a practical introduction to concepts, methods and problems of literary analysis as well as an overview of French artistic culture. Using elements of comparison from fine arts, contemporary and popular culture (including novels and movies) and a variety of emblematic works of French and Francophone literatures (among others: essays by  Montaine and Simone de Beauvoir; poems by Ronsard, Hugo, Baudelaire and Senghor; excerpts from novels by George Sand and Albert Camus), its objective is to provide students with a practical introduction to the tools of literary analysis, but also to help them better read, understand and appreciate literary texts. 

This course will consist of a weekly lecture presented by the instructor and small-group tutorials focusing on practical assignments.

Required texts:

Molière, Dom Juan; Albert Camus, L'Étranger, (éd. Folio/ Gallimard). Other extracts will be given by the instructor. Manuals: Gagnon, Perrault, Maisonneuve: Guide des procédés d’écriture, Saint Laurent: ERPI, 2007.

Asssignment and evaluation:

Online quizzes (course based: 15%); creative & analytical assignments (25%); Mid-term test (25%); End of Term Test (25%); Overall Assessment (10%).


FSL221Y1/ FSL222H1. Students may also fulfill this prerequisite requirement based on the results of their French Placement Test. 


FRE 240H1. 

Recommended Preparation:

FSL224H1/ FSL225H1