FRE 245H1F

Introduction to French Cultural & Literary Studies


S. Sacré


A practical introduction to concepts, methods and problems of literary analysis. The corpus will consist of French and Francophone literary texts from various genres and periods. Among the literary elements that will be considered are genre, narrative and dramatic structures, description, actant, time, space, figures, sign, rhythm, prosody among others. The main objective of the course will be to allow student to acquire the basic tools and techniques of literary analysis and to be able to use them in short and long essays.

This course will consist of a weekly lecture presented by the instructor and small-group tutorials focusing on practical assignments.

Required texts:

Molière, Dom Juan; Albert Camus, L'Étranger, (éd. Folio/ Gallimard). Other extracts will be given by the instructor. Manuals: Gagnon, Perrault, Maisonneuve: Guide des procédés d’écriture, Saint Laurent: ERPI, 2007.

L’Écume des Lettres, Littérature, Hachette education, 2011, (distribué par les éditions CEC).

Asssignment and evaluation:

Online quizzes (course based) : 20%; 1 take home assignments (text analysis) : 15 %; Mid-term test :20%; End of Term Test : 20%; Cultural & creative assignments : 15%; Overall Assessment : 10% .


FSL 221Y1 or, upon first FRE /FSL enrolment, equivalent as determined by the French Placement Test.