FRE 326H1 (Not offered in 2019-2020)

Contemporary French Literature




Marked by experimentation with representational modes and a lively debate about literary commitment, French literature of the 20th and 21st centuries has undergone numerous transformations in form, content, and generic boundaries. This course studies some key literary movements of this period in prose fiction, poetry and theatre. Movements such as French modernism, surrealism, existentialism, and postmodernism will be examined.

Required texts:


Assignments and evaluation:


The Department takes into account the quality of students' French as one of the criteria in the evaluation of assignments and examinations. A minimum of 20% of the grade will be allocated to this aspect of written assignments.


FRE 240H1/FRE 245H1

Recommended preparation:

FRE 241H1/FRE 246H1