FRE 326H1S

Contemporary French Literature


P. Thériault


Marked by experimentation with representational modes and a lively debate about literary commitment, French literature of the 20th and 21st centuries has undergone numerous transformations in form, content, and generic boundaries. This course studies some key literary movements of this period in prose fiction, poetry and theatre. Movements such as French modernism, surrealism, existentialism, postmodernism and postcolonialism will be examined.  

Required texts:

  • Leroy-Terquem, Mélanie (éd.), Le surréalisme. Anthologie, Paris, Flammarion, « GF / Étonnants classiques », 2006.

           ISBN : 978-2080722690

(Other texts to come.)

(*Throughout the semester, the instructor will also provide students with various poetic and essayistic short texts).

Assignments and evaluation:

Test #1 (15%); Take-home exam (15%); Reading tests (2 x 5%); Final essay (30%); Test #2 (20%); Overall assessment (10%).


FRE 240H1/FRE245H, FRE241H1/FRE246H1.