FRE 345H1F

Literary Genres


R. LeHuenen


A survey of the history and theory of the main literary genres and an analysis of their features: narrative (epic poem, novel, short narrative); lyric poetry in its various forms; drama (tragedy, comedy, farce, mystery play); essay, through readings of selected texts chosen for their representative potential and their historical relevance. The main component of the course will be an in-depth reading of sonnets from the 16th to the 19th century, and a comparative study of Greek and French tragedies. This course offers an excellent opportunity to gain a wider knowledge of the various forms of literature and to explore lesser-known genres.

Required texts:

Sophocle, Œdipe-Roi, Coll. Le théâtre de poche, Le Livre de poche; Racine, La Thébaïde dans Théâtre complet I, Folio Classique; Cocteau, La Machine infernale, Le Livre de poche. Poetry material will be handed out in class.

Assignments and evaluation:

Essay (40%); textual analysis (25%); term test (25%); overall assessment (10%)

The Department takes into account the quality of students' French as one of the criteria in the evaluation of assignments and examinations. A minimum of 20% of the grade will be allocated to this aspect of written assignments.


FRE 240H1/FRE 245H1

Recommended preparation:

FRE 241H1