Marie-Anne Visoi

Associate Professor, Teaching Stream
Carr Hall 313, St Michael's College


Fields of Study


Marie-Anne Visoi is an Associate Professor, Teaching Stream at St. Michael’ College, University of Toronto. She has developed and taught courses on French Cultural Studies, Advanced French and Second Language Education, The Western Tradition, The 20th Century French Novel. Her pedagogical research has extended into the integration of culture in the second language curriculum and the development of oral and written proficiency through multimodal assessment and experiential learning. Her scholarly research interests also include textual criticism relating to world literature, reader-response theories and cultural studies. She is the author of "Transgression, Stylistic Variation and Narrative Discourse in the Twentieth Century Novel", Cambridge Scholars Publishing; “A Thematic Approach to French Cultural Studies: Love, Sex and Desire in French Literature and Cinema”, Universal Publishers; “Reading Nara’s Diary in “Generic Instability and Identity in the Contemporary Novel”, Cambridge Scholars Publishing; “Parody in the Postmodernist Novel: Se una notte d'inverno un viaggiatore”, Modern Language Studies.

Pedagogical Research

  • Achievement and motivation through blended teaching and multimodal learning in French
  • Curriculum and instruction: cognitive development, reading, writing and cultural immersion
  • Assessment and evaluation in second language teaching (FSL and ESL): diversity issues, access and equity

Other Research Interests

  • French Cultural Studies
  • Literary Theory: narratology and reader-response criticism
  • Stylistics
  • Twentieth Century Novel
  • Canadian Novel
  • Film



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Literary Encyclopedia Chapters

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PhD in Comparative Literature, Centre for Comparative Literature, University of Toronto, 1996
MA in Comparative Literature, Centre for Comparative Literature, University of Toronto, 1994

Administrative Service

Associate Chair, Undergraduate Studies, 2018-2020
Study Abroad and Liaison Coordinator, 2002-2012