FRE 488H1S

Special Topics in Advanced Linguistics I: Sounds and Computers 


E. Dunbar


This advanced seminar will examine computer approaches to speech, including fundamental speech processing techniques, computer models of human speech processing, computer-aided pronunciation training for language learners, and ethical issues surrounding computer speech processing. Emphasis will be placed on issues that affect French language learners as well as practical phonetics issues that arise in the study of speech in the second-language context. Students will do practical exercises in computer speech processing; no previous computer science or programming background is required.

Required text:

E-book chapters/articles/videos distributed via Quercus. 

Assignments and evaluation:

Midterm (20%), assignments (30%), in-class presentations (15%), final paper (25%), participation (10%).


FRE383H1, FRE376H1 or equivalents as approved by instructor