Other Courses

In exceptional circumstances only, and with the permission of the Associate Chair, Graduate Studies, the student may take up to one full-course equivalent outside the Department. Any student wishing to take a course outside the Department must make an appointment with the Associate Chair, Graduate Studies, to discuss this matter in person. Students are asked to fill in the Course Add/Drop form available on the SGS website.

Some of the departments and centres where students can find courses are listed below:

- Book History and Print Culture

- Centre for Comparative Literature

- Centre for Medieval Studies

- Cinema Studies Institute

- Department of Curriculum, Teaching and Learning

- Department of Italian Studies

- Department of Linguistics

- Department of Spanish and Portuguese

- OISE (Ontario Institute for Studies in Education)

For further information about graduate courses, please contact the Graduate Department of French by email.


Graduate students from other departments whose program include a language requirement may be interested in the following course:

Code Title

FSL 6000H-F and -S

Reading French Course for Graduate Students - Tuesday 4-6