FSL 6000H-F and -S Reading French Course for Graduate Students - Tuesday 4-6


Fall Term: Mathilde Savard-Corbeil

Spring Term: TBA


Fall CR / Winter VC


CR 406 (Fall) / VC 101 (Winter)


FSL 6000H Reading French Course for Graduate Students

Open to Masters and PhD graduate students who need to fulfill their graduate language requirement.

This course is designed to develop students' reading skills particularly as they pertain to research interests. Some remedial grammar, but the primary emphasis is on comprehension of a wide variety of texts in French. NOTE: THIS COURSE IS TAUGHT IN ENGLISH.

On a case by case basis, students with prior language qualifications can access the exam-only option (still with course registration) after prior screening by the home department in support of the exam-only option. A grade of Credit/NonCredit (70% is the minimum grade for CR) will be entered on their transcripts.

Students are not permitted to audit this course.


Required texts:

(1) Stack, Reading French in the Arts and Sciences.

(2) Collins-Robert, French-English, English-French Dictionary.


Recommended texts:

(1) Resnick, Essential French Grammar.

(2) Bescherelle, L 'Art de conjuguer.


Assignments and evaluation:

Two to four in-class tests (100%). Consult instructor for details.



Tuesday, 4pm to 6pm


Students can enroll as of July 1st, 2019.



Fall Term 2019:


Spring Term 2020: