FSL 220H1

Intermediate French I


This is the first of a two-course series intended for those who have some knowledge of French, this course is the first in a proficiency-sequenced series that provides students with the opportunity to become proficient, focused, autonomous French language learners. The course’s main objective is to provide a communicative learning environment through activities based in real-world, everyday contexts.

Required texts:

Vercollier, Vercollier & Kay, Difficultés expliquées du français (niveau avancé), Paris : CLE International, 2004.

Recommended reference books:

Le petit Robert (monolingual dictionary); Le Robert-Collins (French-English dictionary); Bescherelle 1 – L’art de conjuger (Verb conjugation guide); Le petit Grevisse (Reference grammar).

Assignments and evaluation:

1 Reading Comprehension & 1 Listening Comprehension Tests (25%); 1 Written Composition test (20%); 1 Grammar Test (25%); 1 oral Presentation (10%); quizzes (10%), Overall Assessment (10%). There is no final examination for this course.


FSL121Y1/ FSL122H1. Students may also fulfill this prerequisite requirement based on the results of their French Placement Test.


FSL221Y1, FSL222H1, FSL224H1, FSL225H1, FSL226H1, FSL271H1, FSL 300+ level courses