FSL 225H

Practical French for Exploring Literature


S. Sacré


This course is designed to present students with the practical skills, grammatical knowledge and metalinguistic awareness needed to engage with introductory French literature courses. Students will hone higher-order analytical skills related to French language and literature through comprehension and production exercises and activities. A variety of textual excerpts selected from geographically diverse essays, poetry and novels will allow exposure to the basic elements of French literary analysis through which students will develop awareness and comfort with academic writing and academic discourse in French. Emphasis is on the appropriate use of formal registers, terminology, incorporation of logical connectors and analytical thinking in written and spoken French.

Required texts:


Recommended reference books:


Assignments and evaluation:



 FSL220H1. Students may also fulfill this prerequisite requirement based on the results of their French Placement Test.




FSL312H1, FSL313H1, FSL314H1, FSL315H1, FSL322H1, FSL375Y1, FSL375H1, FSL 400-level courses.