FSL 320H1

Intermediate French III




This is the first of a two-course series intended for students who have already mastered the basic competences in French language proficiency. The materials used in this course adopt an active approach which puts emphasis on the student being at the centre of the learning process. Students will learn the following intermediate-level language skills: writing, speaking as well as understanding written and spoken French.

Required texts:

1. R. Gordon & D. Stillman. 2019. The Ultimate French Review and Practice (4e édition)

Recommended reference books:

Le petit Robert (monolingual dictionary); Le Robert-Collins (French-English dictionary);

Assignments and evaluation:



FSL221Y1 (63%)/ FSL222H1 (63%). Students may also fulfill this prerequisite requirement based on the results of their French Placement Test.


FSL312H1, FSL313H1, FSL314H1, FSL315H1, FSL321Y1, FSL322H1, FSL375Y1, FSL375H1, FSL 400-level