FSL 421Y1Y

French Language IV


M.-A. Visoi


This advanced course in French will be delivered as follows: 2 hrs in-class lecture  + 1 hr online asynchronousIt aims to provide students with a broader understanding and appreciation of French and Francophone culture through the reading and discussion of a variety of texts. Emphasis is placed on mastery of language skills such as reading comprehension and vocabulary, oral and written communication. Students will have access to multimedia materials, online reference and self-correction tools.

Required texts:

A selection of texts and multimedia resources will be available in the course website.

Recommended reference books:

Le petit Robert (monolingual dictionary); Le Robert-Collins (French-English dictionary).

Assignments and evaluation:

Composition (25%); Oral Presentation (20%); Written Cultural Project (20%); Final Online Test (20%); Class Participation and Overall Assessment (15%).


FSL 321Y1 or, upon first FRE/FSL enrolment, equivalent as determined by the French Placement Test.


FSL 442H1, FSL 443H1.